Information about Food:


When  providing snacks and lunches we pay attention to the principles of healthy eating and the individual needs of children.

  • Morning snack contains a selection of the following foods:
  • Dairy products-milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, sour drinks
  •  Spreads – fish, cheese, egg, lunch meat, vegetable
  •  Bakery products – bread, pastry,  cakes, donuts
  •  Cereals
  •  Fresh fruit and vegetables
  •  Water, milk, tea and cocoa are offered to drink.


Every day there is a choice of two main courses and side dishes (as a side dish we have  rice, potatoes, pasta or dumplings)  .
Lunch always includes meat or fish, lots of vegetables and legumes.

  • Fresh salad and fruit are available;
  •  Water or tea is offered to drink

Afternoon snack includes a selection of these types of food:

  • Yogurt, pudding
  •  Bread with butter, cheese, lunch meats
  •  Fresh vegetables, fruit, grated carrots and apples
  •  Cereal, yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese sticks
  •  Biscuits, waffles

Children with special diets can carry their own food which is stored in the fridge and heated up during the lunch time.

Children can also bring their own bottles to drink, These are continuously replenished.