Rules and Regulation

Kindergarten and Preschool Schedule:

·         The Kindergarten and Pre-school units are open from 07:30 – 16:00, Monday through Friday.  Day Care is from 16:00 – 17:00, except for holidays.

·         Students are expected to be at school by 08:30 at the latest; children have breakfast together; if the child arrives after 09:00, breakfast will not be served!

·         Lessons start at 09:00

·         Parents are requested to see their children attend school punctually

·         Parents are requested to collect their children at the following times:

§  For part time attendance:  between 12:30 – 13:00

§  For full time attendance:  between 15:30 – 16:00

§  For day care:  by 17:00 at the latest

Parents are not permitted to loiter on the school grounds.  Parents are required to collect their children when they arrive.  For the safety of each child, Meridian expects the child will leave with the parent/guardian as soon as the parent/guardian arrives at school.

·         Please inform the coordinator by 08:30 if your child is unable to attend school so that their lunches will be cancelled.  If not, they will be charged for lunch that day.

Parents must consider the need for extra time to dress their child and prepare them to leave.

      Failure to collect the child at the given time will result in extra hour charges.  This means:

o   Part time by 13:00

o   Full time by 16:00

o   Day care by 17:00

·         Under no circumstances are children to be left outside of the school premises by the parent.

Parents are required to give an exact list of names of people who are allowed to collect their children.  The child will not be premitted to leave with anyone whose name does not appear on the list which you, the legal guardian, provide.  A photocopy of the front page of the passports or identity documents of any other adult who will collect your child is to be submitted to the school.

School Attire:  Chldren should be dressed in comfortable indoor clothing which they themselves can put on and take off, and slippers or sandals.  We also high recommend a smock or some clothing covering to protect their clothes during art lessons.

Jewelry and Valuables:  The school will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of such items.

Treats:  No gum or sweets may be brought to school unless it has been previously arranged with the Director of the programme.

Toys:  As toys and books are provided by the school, the children may not bring their own from home unless it is for a specific class activity and is requested by the teacher.  The school will not be held responsible nor search for any loss or damage whatsoever.

Labels:  To avoide lost times, we advise you to label all of your child’s personal belongings.

Hygiene:  Each student is expected to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste for oral hygiene after meals.  The school provides towels and cups which the school washes regularly.

Absences:  Please avoid bringing your child to school if he/she has a temperature, has a bad cought, is vomiting or has an eye infection,  diarrhea, or head lice.  The school must be notified as soon as parents has become aware of any infection illness that your child has contracted.  The school reserves the right to decide whether a child may or may not attend for health reasons.  Should your child feel sick during school hours, please make arrangements to pick up your child as soon as you receive a call from the school.  Meridian International School is not qualified to dispense any kind of medication.  This includes eye drops, nose drops, syrups, homeopathic remedies, etc.

Except  for the situations in which the students are ill or for unexpected family situation, they are expect to be at school during the regular scheduled time.   Any other situation needs to be approved by the Programme Coordinator.   Should a family elect to go on holiday during regular school time, the school is not require to provide any outside extra work for the child.  Each family is provided with an academic calendar which is also available on our webite so that families can make proper arrangements.  Please note that the Kindergarten/Pre-school calendar differs from the Primary, Secondary and High School calendar.

Personal details:

Please remember that some children adapt to a new environment easily and some do not.  It may take days, weeks, or even months for a child to adjust to a new routine and learn to accept new people .  It is best to be loving and firm and make your departure as swifly as possible.  Attmpts to coax the child and give one last hug might be a good intention, but can often make matters more traumatic for all parties.

Visiting times:

Class teachers have a programme to follow and other children for whom they are responsible.  If you wish to see them, please make an appointment with the Programme Coordinator,  Mrs. Radka Žáková.


Please inform the school immediately of any change of address, contact numbers, or other important information which can affect the health, progress and safety of your child.